1-1 Appointments

Staff working within the Number 3 One-Stop Shop are available for 1-1 appointments to discuss a range of issues.

Typical issues that arise in 1-1 appointments are:

Employment – including support to fill out applications or CV’s. Support to attend tribunals or grievance meetings. Providing autism information for employers or colleagues.

Housing – including support with housing applications and advice on financial or other issues that may help to maintain a tenancy.

Benefits – assistance with finding out what benefits you may be entitled to, support to apply, or support to deal with issues you are having with the benefits you are currently receiving.

Education- including finding out what courses are available and support with the application process. Information on the support that may be available to you at school/college or university.

Relationships- including support to deal with difficulties involving family, colleagues, friends and peers.

Mental Wellbeing- we can listen to any problems or worries that you may be having and can support you to make or attend appointments with your GP or Community Mental Health Team.

Criminal Justice- including advice on police/court issues. Accompanying you when speaking with police, solicitors or appearing in court.

Pre and post diagnostic information-  including providing information on autism and the diagnostic process, arranging and attending medical appointments with you, support to understand your autism diagnosis.

If you would like to make a 1:1 appointment please email perthoss@aiscotland.org.uk  or call 01738 449327